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Logical Net offers a cost effective solution to the traditional Phone system. Logical Net phone system offers reliability, scalability and excellent voice quality with advanced calling features. Logical Net’s qualified, knowledgeable professionals will answer any questions you may have in determining which VoIP service is right for your business.

VoIP offers features and services that are not available with more traditional telephone services. With VoIP telephony features, the user has mobility of services, multi-site call management, productivity and cost savings. Many of the same features that you’ve come to expect as standard with your traditional and cell phone service is available with VoIP service. Services like call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, caller ID, three-way calling and more are available through your ip phone, usually at no extra charge. You can also send data, as you would expect with a broadband internet connection, like pictures and documents, all while talking on the phone. VoIP is the future of calling. As the technology evolves, more and more integration options will come available. Depending on the use, you may be ready to switch over now and enjoy the cost savings

VoIP telephony is used by cost-savvy businesses in all sectors.  Cost reduction is the driving force for this rapid adoption, with productivity enhancing features as beneficial side effects. Most businesses will find substantial improvements in the features offered with their voice services, call management flexibility and cost savings by making the switch. The question of whether to switch to VoIP telephony solutions for most businesses is not if, but when.

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