Cybersecurity Services

Cybersecurity Services

Security Operations Center (SOC)

A Security Operations Center (SOC) is a team of engineers responsible for monitoring, detecting, and responding to cybersecurity threats. Our SOC continuously monitors network traffic, systems, and applications using tools like SIEM and IDS to identify potential security incidents. SOC security engineers then investigate and respond to incidents and contain/remediate threats as they are identified.

Vulnerability Scanning & Threat Monitoring

Identify and eliminate security gaps before they’re exploited. Vulnerability scanning and threat monitoring work hand in hand to fortify cybersecurity, with vulnerability scanning identifying potential weaknesses in a system, and threat monitoring continuously surveilling for suspicious activities and potential cyber threats, ensuring a proactive defense against attacks.

Anti-Phishing & Anti-Malware

Phishing attacks are among the 3 primary ways in which attackers access an organization. In a recent report, yearly losses attributed to email attacks increased from $360 million in 2016 to $2.4 billion in 2021.

Protect against phishing attacks by deploying an anti-phishing tool that will flag suspicious emails and remove them from inboxes. Anti-malware detects and blocks malicious software. Using these together provides a comprehensive defense against both social engineering and malware-based attacks.

Security Awareness Training

People can often pose the greatest risk to cyber attack — so we can provide regular training and testing of your staff to recognize phishing and other possible threats. This includes white-hat phishing emails to test each employees response to common attacks. 

Endpoint Detection & Response

We use category leading EDR tools to monitor network hardware, server & workstations / laptops to detect and respond to cyber threats like ransomware and malware. When coupled with our 24/7 Security Operations Center, EDR & SOC become one of the most important layers of defense for your organization. 

Risk Assessments

With new customers, Logical Net always starts with an overall security risk assessment to identify and then address your most critical vulnerabilities. We then run regular vulnerability scans to maintain an active and constantly improving security posture. 


Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery planning

Let LogicalNet help you build a plan and processes to maintain your business operations in the event of a breach / ransomware attack or natural disaster. What is your plan if you lose Internet or power for more than X hours?  How quickly can you respond to a breach and how often do you run practice drills? What is your recovery / transition process. 

Password & Identity Management

Password and identity management systems provide robust security measures, enabling users to securely store and manage their passwords, as well as authenticate their identities. Safeguard your sensitive information and prevent unauthorized access to accounts and resources.

Protect your business from growing cyber-attacks.

In today’s environment, preparation is essential. Can your business weather the potential financial and reputation loss of a ransomware demand? Let us craft a customized set of layered security defenses for your business. From next-gen firewalls to security awareness training to vulnerability scans & penetration tests coupled with a 24/7 security operations center — you’ll get leading protection from LogicalNet.

LogicalNet’s systems and the backup it provides has given us great peace of mind.

Harris Oberlander, Trinity Alliance

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We take a proactive approach to strengthen your IT security rather than leaving it up to chance. Partnering with us for your cybersecurity needs can improve your cybersecurity posture at a fraction of the cost to hire, train and maintain an entire internal Security Operations Center (SOC) team.

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