Sliding Towards Success: Our Team Building Day Out on the Ice 

Jan 26, 2024

At LogicalNet, we understand that a cohesive team is the bedrock of any successful business. That’s why we recently took a break from our usual routine and headed to the Schenectady Curling Club for a day of curling – a sport that epitomizes strategy, precision, and collaborative effort.

Curling might not be the first activity that springs to mind for a corporate event, but that’s precisely why we chose it. It’s a sport that many of us had never tried, leveling the playing field, and ensuring a fresh, exciting experience for everyone. Plus, it requires communication, coordination, and a touch of competitive spirit – all of which are integral to our company culture.

The outing began with laughter as we donned our sliders and grippers, some of us more gracefully than others. Our instructors introduced us to the basics of curling, from the art of the “throw” to the teamwork behind the “sweep.” What followed was an exciting tournament that saw us band together, strategizing our moves and encouraging one another, celebrating our stones’ journey down the ice.

As stones clacked and brooms swept, we saw leadership and camaraderie in action. It was a reminder that every role in our company is vital, and when we support each other, we can achieve our aims – just like guiding a stone to the center of the house in curling.

The day’s end found us closer as a team with new stories to share. We left the ice with a reinforced sense of unity and a renewed appreciation for the impact of teamwork.

We’re more than just a workforce at LogicalNet; we’re a team in the truest sense. And just like in curling, we know that it’s the combined effort of all our members that drives us forward towards our shared goals.

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