Email Archiving: What it is, and why you need it


Email archiving refers to the automatic storage of email messages in a searchable archive that protects messages from alteration and unauthorized deletion. Businesses associated with healthcare and financial services may be required by federal or state law to maintain an archive of corporate email and comply with electronic discovery requirements, but email archiving is becoming a vital need for anyone who does business through email.

The simple truth most businesses owners aren’t aware of: Any company may be required to provide electronic discovery of email communication in response to civil or criminal litigation. Without a systematic, authoritative email archiving solution, this can be a nearly impossible task costing tens of thousands of dollars.

Beyond Compliance And Discovery

Have you ever wished you could find all the email your organization sent to or received from a customer or supplier? How easy is it for you to retrieve all the daily email correspondence on which your managers make vital decisions everyday?

A good archiving solution turns your organization’s email into an information resource, a catalog of communication between your employees, vendors, suppliers, and customers.  As the email catalog grows, you maintain a valuable resource that you can draw upon to help support your business operations and provide superior customer service.

Logical Net’s Value Proposition

Logical Net provides a state-of-the art email archiving solution that is easy to use, can grow with your business, and is affordable. We provide everything you need for a complete solution that you can manage yourself or have us manage for you.  Our email archiving solution not only reduces your IT support and email storage requirements, but it is also as an excellent email backup solution.

How easy can it be?

  • Our solution requires no additional hardware on your network or software for your mail server.
  • Cloud-based resources scale to meet the needs of your business today and in the future.
  • It works with Microsoft Exchange, POP3, or IMAP mail servers.
  • An easy-to-use application that lets you decide how long messages are to be retained in the archive and who is allowed to view the messages or you can define your own rules and let Logical Net implement them for you.
  • A powerful web enabled search tool lets you retrieve messages based on date, sender, recipient, subject, body text and attachments.
  • Frees up disk resources by reducing storage requirement for old email on your mail server.
  • Provides an excellent email backup solution that is stored offsite, in the cloud, and always accessible