Every business is at risk,  from servers, emails, hackers, spam, viruses, and network saboteurs.  The security of your hardware, software and data is critical for your business.

Logical Net has developed the talent and technologies to secure our datacenter and offer every business we serve, peace of mind from network threats. Using industry leading security technology, our datacenter is protected and 24×7 monitoring. We continuously update our firewalls and security defense technologies for newly identified threats, you can turn your attention to day-to-day operations.

Cyber security is now an initiative for every business operating in today’s environment. Whether you are a small, medium or large business you must securely protect internal data and your customers. A responsibility with enormous amounts of liability and risk for a business.

Much like our Managed IT Service, companies have turned to Logical Net to protect and deploy our techniques to reduce cyber security incidents.

Our cyber security solution goes beyond managing firewalls, anti-virus, email spam filters. Logical Net can deploy an internal detection behind firewalls to scan a network for registry changes, misconfigurations, key-loggers, trojans or many other malicious activities.