Trinity Alliance


Leveraging technology to meet its mission of promoting healthy families

Trinity Alliance

The backstory

Trinity Alliance is a unique, non-profit organization in Albany, NY that provides many different services to the community to support families, adults and children with the goal of improving Albany as a setting for family life. These services include their foster care prevention program–which has made them the largest foster care prevention agency in Albany County–food pantries, supportive housing services, and much more.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, they held up the city of Albany through their food security services. For two and half years they recruited hundreds of volunteers with the main goal of keeping people fed.

They have grown and revolutionized the organization over the years and are now approaching 100 employees.

Challenges & objectives

In 2017 Trinity Alliance began addressing social determinants of health and taking on greater levels of personal health information. Government regulations and cyber insurance provisions dictate that they follow strict compliance guidelines. In 2023 they are undertaking the significant task of certification under the NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) security framework.

It is no surprise that supporting over 100 employees and handling all the IT compliance requirements is a daunting task for Trinity’s single director of information technology.

How we helped

Trinity Alliance has been working with LogicalNet for the past 6 years and as Trinity Alliance has grown, LogicalNet has grown with them, offering a wider scope of IT solutions including more robust security layers such as vulnerability scanning, a 24/7 security operations center, security awareness training and cloud backup of their 365 data. In addition, LogicalNet is helping Trinity Alliance develop policies and protocols for business continuity / disaster recovery and guidance on how to approach NIST certification.

While Trinity has grown in the past five years and greatly expanded the range and scope of services provided, this growth has also increased the cyber threat posed by bad actors. Trinity stores more personal and health data and their day-to-day services in turn require access to that data. LogicalNet has responded to that threat with additional training, security layers and a compliance management system.


With LogicalNet’s partnership, Trinity Alliance is primed to grow their services, serve more families and add employees as needed.

“LogicalNet’s introduction and the backup it provides has given us peace of mind.”

Harris Oberlander
Chief Executive Officer

Looking forward

LogicalNet will continue to implement technology that will make things run more efficiently for Trinity Alliance as well as work with them to implement compliance policies and protocols.

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