Renewable Energy – Putting Excess Capacity to Work


Soluna fast-tracks growth with LogicalNet partnership

LogicalNet currently manages Soluna’s network and cybersecurity posture for their local Albany office while planning to extend that management & protection to their computing farms.
Ethan Allen

The backstory

Soluna is the leading developer of green data centers that convert excess renewable energy into global computing resources. They build modular, scalable data centers next to renewable power plants and use the energy that would have been wasted to power computing-intensive processes such as cryptocurrency mining or machine learning. Their main goal is to save stranded power.

Project Dorothy is Soluna’s newest wind powered data center in northwest Texas. It’s located in a small, windy town almost an hour and a half from the nearest hotel. The site has 44 buildings housing hundreds of bitcoin mining appliances. Each appliance consumes the power equivalent to a hair dryer (1000–1500 watts). There is no A/C, just large fans pulling air across the devices to keep them cool.

Miners are formed into groups and each group communicates with a cloud-based “pool.” Miners need constant communication with their pool in order to do work. Therefore, a reliable internet connection is vital to their business. Without it, no work can be done.

Challenges & objectives

As a technology company, Soluna has demonstrated and is demonstrating how to apply technology to solve unique problems. The executive team also understands the boundaries of its expertise and how to leverage experts in other spaces. They therefore partner with LogicalNet to handle the network & security layer of their operations. Rather than hire a full network operations center staff, Soluna outsources that function to LogicalNet which is faster & less expensive than doing it themselves.

How we helped

Soluna chose LogicalNet because of our expertise, responsiveness, and flexibility. It started as Soluna was being spun out from its parent company with just a single ERP server. Then LogicalNet became Soluna’s IT service provider for their local office in Albany, New York. With Soluna’s rapid growth and expansion, they needed a partner who would handle all the mundane but critical IT tasks in employee onboarding.

Now, Soluna and LogicalNet are discussing how we could manage their network & security for their computing farms across the country. With LogicalNet’s suite of remote tools for management and cybersecurity, Soluna can have a single vendor for all its IT needs.


Soluna found a partner that helped accelerate its expansion quickly and at an affordable rate.
“LogicalNet was the natural choice because of your hard work, willingness to play whatever role was needed and your expertise.”
Robert Suspiro
Director of IT

Looking forward

Managing the entire network, including a Security Operations Center (SOC) and automatic vulnerability scans for Soluna’s Texas and Kentucky locations.

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