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Wireless Broadband Internet Access

Starting $24.95 per month

  • As low as $24.95/month
  • No phone lines required
  • Always on, with no wait for connections!
  • High speed internet connection, up to 20x faster than dial-up!

Wireless Broadband internet access is available select areas of Upstate New York.

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View wireless coverage maps in the area closest to you to determine if Logical Net wireless internet access is available at your location.
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Brunswick, NY Wireless Internet

Cohoes, NY Wireless Internet Includes:
Cohoes, NY
Waterford, NY

Gloversville, NY Wireless Internet Includes:
Gloversville, NY

Schenectady, NY Wireless Internet Includes:

NY Helderberg, NY Wireless Internet Includes:
Helderberg, NY


  1. Maximum speeds; actual speeds may vary depending on signal strength and bandwidth availability.
  2. Additional email addresses are available for $5.00 per address per month.
  3. Installation fees will be waived if a one-year service contract is signed. An early termination fee of $249.00 will be assessed if the contract is cancelled prior to the end of the one-year term.
  4. Extra charges may be assessed for extraordinary installation services and equipment.
  • Logical Net retains ownership of all installed hardware.
  • Wireless service requires direct, unobstructed line of sight from your location to our repeater station. Our installation technician will conduct a site survey to determine signal strength and availability prior to installing our equipment.

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