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VoIP Telephone Systems
Reliability, Excellent Voice Quality, Advanced Calling Features, Surprisingly Affordable

Refer to our VOIP FAQs or How to Buy VoIP Phone Service for Your Business for tips on how to select a hosted VOIP solution for your business.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telecommunications systems provide advanced features that improve productivity and cost efficiency to small business and medium size enterprises. Logical Net leverages its digital networks, digital audio processing and Internet Protocol technology to provide VoIP telephone systems that deliver quality features of PBX phone systems previously only available to large corporations.

One System Management For All Office Locations
VoIP offers unprecedented power and cost efficiency to the management of remote and home-based offices.

  • VOIP handsets can be connected directly to the internet from any location and function as a full featured in-office phone.
  • Eliminates need for remote office PBX phone equipment.
  • 4 digit extension access simplifies office-to-office calls, including remote and international offices.
  • Our VoIP Business systems are easy to manage and may be reconfigured by non-technical staff.
  • Ideal for home office, virtual, or telecommuting workers.

VoIP business features serve small to medium sized enterprises with:

  • Auto Attendant Call Distribution (i.e. "Press 1 for..."),
  • Multi-level call forwarding
  • Voicemail and Voicemail to Email,
  • Auto-dial from a PC contact list
  • Paperless fax

Logical Net can often provide these advanced features for less than the cost of your existing phone system.

The portability and flexibility of VoIP telephone systems enable businesses to connect phones in remote offices, even home-based offices, as extensions of office headquarters. Simply plug the remote office phone into a broadband Internet connection and the phone system will perform as if it were in the same building, even if it's halfway around the world.

VoIP is Cost Effective for Business

  • Eliminate need for expensive PBX business phone systems.
  • Easily expanded without making existing equipment obsolete.
  • Add, move, or delete phones from a PC connected to the VoIP telecommunications processor.
  • Sophisticated lowest cost-per-call routing.
  • VoIP telecommunications use your existing PC network, simplifying wiring and maintenance.
  • Combine data and telephony communications on your high-speed internet access digital network. You can lower costs and qualify for higher volume discounts.

Logical Net VoIP customers are pleasantly surprised by the low cost of VoIP phone systems, especially when they consider the advanced calling features that even a basic VoIP configuration provides. VoIP systems scale easily to meet your business's changing requirements without making existing VoIP handsets obsolete.

Simple Installation and Seamless Switchover from Your Existing Phone System

Benefit from Logical Net's 14 Years of experience designing, installing and maintaining robust internet based communications networks. When you choose from one of our business VoIP phone systems you also get:

  • VoIP telecommunications system designed to your organization's exact specifications.
  • Seamless installation and transition to your new VoIP telecommunications system.
  • On-Site Training.
  • Technical support.
  • A wide range of quality "best-of-breed" VoIP telecommunications hardware and software.
  • Options for virtual data back-up and disaster recovery services
  • Broad-based network, internet and communications expertise.
  • Option to integrate VoIP, hosted Email, and mobile devices into consolidated, integrated messaging systems like Microsoft Exchange.

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