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Business VoIP Telecommunications FAQs

Answers to most frequently asked questions about voice over IP phone systems for business.

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A: Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an internet-based technology that provides the ability to make and receive phone calls over an internet connection, rather than traditional analog PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines.

A: VoIP telecommunications solutions for business include digital, "PBX" features that are not frequently available on PSTN lines. For example voicemail to email, auto attendant, call forwarding, call recording, conference calling, customizable music-on-hold, etc.

A: QoS is a networking term referring to a guaranteed network throughput level achieved by assigning priority levels to applications using the internet network on which the VoIP telecommunications system is hosted upon. By assigning higher priority to voice over internet communications, than data traffic, the quality of voice traffic can be guaranteed.

A: A high speed Internet connection and VoIP Telecommunications System Hosting and Telephone.

A: You have the option of using your computer to place and receive phone calls using a VoIP "softphone", however the foundation of your system can leverage existing telecommunications hardware using PolyCom 501 VoIP handsets.

A: Yes! This is why hosted VoIP solutions are so valuable. Logical Net uses call prioritization software to guarantee call quality by prioritizing phone calls made on the internet connection over data or web internet usage.

A: Yes! VoIP business customers can make and receive calls to or from traditional phone or PSTN lines, including local, long distance and international calls.

A: Yes! Logical Net can transfer your existing phone numbers, including toll-free numbers.

A: IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) VoIP phone is a fully functional telecommunication system providing progressive service and "PBX" business phone features such as call transfer, conference calling, auto-attendant, automatic call routing, conference calling, voicemail to email, music-on-hold, and auto-attendant.

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Refer to our VOIP FAQs or What Your Business Should Know about VoIP Phone Service to determine which VoIP service is right for your business.

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