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Online Backup FAQs

A: After the initial data upload, subsequent data backups will only transfer the modified or new data to the backup server. It depends on the nature of the data, but normally, less than 2% of all data is modified.

A: The virtual data backup manager compares timestamps of files on the server with the corresponding copies on client machine. Archive bit is not used as it does not detect relocated files.

A: There are two encryptions being performed by the online backup data manager:

  1. Encryption of backup data - This is being done by 128-bit symmetric key encryption (AES, TripleDES, TwoFish). 128-bit is what is being used by most banks currently.
  2. Encryption of backup traffic - This is being done by 1024 bit RSA public key encryption. The strength of the encryption depends on the key size you use when you generate your CSR before submitting to your CA. 1024 bit is what is being used by most CAs.

The data backup manager can backup vital business application data while the application is still running. Logical Net has special agents for MS Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, Oracle, Lotus Notes and mySQL, which allows these applications to be backed up while they are online. The Volume Shadow Copy feature started from backup manager v5.0 enables us to backup other types of applications while they are online.

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