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MPLS and VPN Networking

Multiprotocol Label Switching MPLS is a flexible, cost-effective wide area network solution that efficiently connects all of your locations via a secure and scalable network infrastructure with simplified management and lower costs than a traditional VPN service.

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What does MPLS bring to business virtual private networks?

  • Improved Network Efficiency - MPLS enables network routers to make forwarding decisions based upon the contents of a simple label, rather than by performing a complex route lookup using the destination's IP address.
  • Improved Internet Traffic Performance - MPLS promotes more efficient management of network traffic by setting specific performance characteristics for each class of internet traffic (voice, video, email, web access, VOIP, traffic, etc.)
  • Streamlined operations of legacy networks, such as virtual circuit-based, point-to-point frame relay, on an MPLS infrastructure
  • VPNs - MPLS offered by internet service providers like Logical Net simplifies the secure creation of IP tunnels throughout the virtual private network, without encryption or end-user applications. MPLS is carrier-based security, making it less “hackable” than a traditional VPN.

Business networks are carrying more internet traffic demands than ever in the midst of the convergence voice, video and data applications. MPLS enables class of service (COS) identification and prioritization of network traffic, enabling administrators to specify which applications should move across the network ahead of others. MPLS networking is especially important to enterprises that demand performance of internet applications such as VoIP, hosted software and their other business-critical virtual private networking VPN functions.

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