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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft Sharepoint® - Hosted Email
Powerful Small to Medium Enterprise and Corporate Business Service Management Software BMS

Leverage the same on-demand communications security, compliance, productivity, data warehousing, email, instant messaging and reliable, high-speed internet access, email and collaboration software solutions that Fortune 500 companies use at a fraction of the cost and time to implement.

Hosted Windows SharePoint® Advantages:

  • Improve employee productivity, communications and project execution with easy-to-use team collaboration tools.
  • Secure access to vital company data such as project reports, contact lists, sales leads, presentations and technical information from any Internet access point.
  • Easy setup of secure websites for project workspaces, wikis, blogs, announcements, and discussion groups
  • Document management tools automatically track status, reviews, and edits ensuring that everyone uses up-to-date, accurate information.
  • Flexible, secure access privileges. Workspaces and business document libraries allow easy management of user access rights for authorized viewing and editing company documents.
  • SharePoint work process templates make it easy for any user to create applications to support event planning, inventory tracking, sales lead pipelines, and numerous other business processes.
  • Share data with customers and partners managing access of project planning and team collaboration tools with internal and external users.
  • State-of-the-art security and encryption within our enterprise-level data center provides top-level protection to all business data.

Benefits of Hosted Microsoft SharePoint® by Logical Net:

  • Rapid implementation, low start-up cost and predictable monthly fee.
  • Scalability supports company growth easily and cost efficiently.
  • Worry free operation provided by Logical Net, a Microsoft Certified partner, and no additional burden on your in-house IT staff.
  • Expert training and support

Enhanced security and reliability because your SharePoint data is stored in a secure data center with redundant servers, routine backup, uninterruptible power supplies and guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

Microsoft SharePoint® creates a central environment where coworkers, partners, and customers can share communication, contacts, announcements, internet links, and calendars. Team members can easily create workspaces for meeting discussions, surveys, documents, task lists, and other collaboration tools to increase productivity. This powerful application provides secure communication to small to medium sized enterprises quickly and cost effectively.

Hosted Microsoft SharePoint® Collaboration Tools Are Easy to Use Based on web technology and sophisticated document management tools, Hosted Microsoft SharePoint® allows even non-technical employees to easily create secure web sites for use as shared workspaces, on-line file cabinets, create wikis and blogs and gain instant access to critical business data and project information. Authorized employees can access the company's Microsoft SharePoint® environment from their desktop or remotely from any internet connection. Sharing vital business information such as sales leads, up-to-the-minute project plans, data bases, and real-time customer information is made easy with this powerful team collaboration tool.

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